What is internship and during 4 years of B .tech when will I have to do the Winter internship?

What is internship and during 4 years of B .tech when will I have to do the Winter internship?

Winter Internship also called as training, means to get in the industrial environment/get exposure of day to day industrial work and how it is carried out.

Why Winter Internship?

By doing this you will know yourself more clearly, where you stand the industrial needs and what changes you need in yourself. You will learn to work under mentors/seniors/managers. It will develop your tolerance power, patience, group work abilities, etc. It will be a whole new experience.

When to do Winter Internship?

You can do it whenever you want to, when you think you must have to do it. But Indian Govt. has made Internship compulsory before joining a company so you have to do it in your 5th/ 6th/ 7th/8th semester. If you are willing for an Winter Internship, the right time to do it starts when you’ve completed your 1st year else after completion of 2nd year (most suitable). If you go like doing internship after completion of 1st year, you can do 3-4 internships and that will be too much beneficial I think with almost every kind of experience.

General Trend – Most do it after completion of 3rd year or 7th/8th semester.

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Few more things-

You must have a sound resume to go for an internship and very good knowledge of things you mentioned in your resume as you have to go through interviews.

Secondly, you can’t directly enter into any firm for Internship, either you need few references or have to wait for the firm’s ads for internship. However, chances are there that you can directly approach any local firm, showing them some of the stuffs you created (small scale stuffs like a small website, 2-3 web designs, any mobile app anything relevant to the training).Always keep in mind, whatever you learn, try to implement it in real life or create something using it.

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