Vote for the DevOps Dozen

Vote for the DevOps Dozen

canstockphoto18996369At the end of July we opened up nominations for our inaugural DevOps Dozen, to recognize the top 12 companies in DevOps. Over 1500 of you voted (thank you) selecting from over 120 different companies.  We have taken the top vote getters in each category to come up with a list of the final 32 finalists for the DevOps Dozen.

Frankly 32 finalists was more than we were planning on. But so many companies were so closely grouped in the nomination voting that we didn’t feel comfortable selecting one company for the finals and leaving another out.

So now we are opening the final phase of voting to you our readers. Voting will be open for the entire month of September. But you can only vote once.  On our DevOps Dozen site most of the finalists have sent us information that they would like you to know before casting your vote. Please take the time to read some of this, especially for companies you may not be familiar with.

The finalists range from open source projects, to cloud service providers, DevOps tools vendors to service providers.  When voting you are allowed to select 12 of the 32 as DevOps Dozen winners.  So take the time and make your selections carefully.

Just a word about the 32 finalists. Every one of them is already a winner. Having made it past the nominations means that at least 350 of the 1500 people voting voted for them.  On top of that if you take the time to check out these companies why they are here is pretty obvious.

So help us recognize excellence in DevOps and vote today!