Upcoming Job in Big Data Hadoop

Upcoming Job in Big Data Hadoop

Demand for analytics concepts like Hadoop and Big data is rising day to day. There is a vast growth in job opportunities for big data analysts. Most of small and large size companies looking forward to use big data and related analysis approaches for good support for their company and consumers.

Hadoop give different job opportunities like Hadoop Architect, Hadoop Developer, Data Scientists, and Hadoop Administrator.

Hadoop Architect:

Hadoop organizer, administrator, and manager all these roles are given to Hadoop architect in a company. Hadoop architect takes the responsibility of planning, executing big data operations of the organization.

Hadoop Developer:

Hadoop developer in an organization is responsible for taking care of programming operations in the organization. Hadoop developer should possess sound knowledge about core java, databases, scripting languages. Developers must have good interpersonal skills to effectively communicate with various levels and customers of the company’s big data operations.

Data Scientists:

Data Scientists is a self knowledge person with sound knowledge on business and data analysis. Writing code and designing of analytics models, working with data bases, designing and implementation of machine learning algorithms are the tasks given to data scientists in the country.

Hadoop Administrator:

Job role is to take care of setting up big data infrastructure, managing shared cluster resources between developers, Hadoop administrators also concentrates on trouble shooting infrastructure issues and resolving them.

As the demand for big data analytics is growing in companies. Most of the companies is going to have the requirement of Hadoop architect, Hadoop developer, data scientists, Hadoop administrator in the country.

So as these are cutting edge analytic tools technology geeks and students should concentrate on big data analytics to grab good opportunities in industry as these jobs are highest paid


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