How to Find an Internship You’ll Value

Many college students and recent graduates work as interns. That means they take a temporary job to get hands-on experience, usually in a field they’re interested in. College graduates sometimes use internships to start a career. But did you know that you can get a summer or after-school internship while you’re still in high school?

An internship can show you what the working world is like.

Why Intern?

Some internship involves pay, and others are unpaid. But internships offer many benefits besides money. For example, taking an internship can:

  • Show you what the working world is like
  • Teach you important skills, such as time management and computer skills
  • Help you choose a major
  • Inspire a career choice
  • Connect you with experienced people who can mentor you

How to Get Started

By putting some thought into your search and using the resources that are available to you, you can find an internship that will offer you great opportunities.

Think About Your Goals

To begin the process of finding the right internship for you, think about fields you want to explore or skills you want to learn. Do you love Latest Technology BigData Hadoop? Do you want to know what scientific research is like or what a Cloud Computing does all day? Do you want to learn how to build a website?

Having clear goals in mind makes it more likely that you’ll find an internship you can get excited about.

Use the Internet

Once you have goals in mind, you can begin looking for an internship online. Start by searching for local businesses and organizations in your areas of interest and see if they offer internship programs. You can also check out these resources:

Take Advantage of Other Resources

Using personal contacts and local resources are also great ways to find an internship. Try these methods for finding opportunities:

  • Ask your high school counselor and teachers for help.
  • Check with your coaches and club advisers.
  • Find out if family and friends know someone in a field that interests you.
  • If there’s a specific company or organization you’d like to work for, don’t be afraid to contact someone there.
  • Look for recent internship guidebooks at the library

45 days industrial training in Jaipur

Again this year LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt. Ltd opened its registration for  45 Days industrial training in Jaipur. We have started with registration for CS/IT Brach Engineering Students who are seeking for their academic 45 days industrial training programs.
Last 13 years many batches for 45 Days and 2 month industrial training sessions has been done with our experience development team. Again this year we are in batch of limited seats available with our training program
Whosoever wants to join Our real life project Industrial training program, can join ys via apply online at
Our training details are below:

Make your live projects under guidance of LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt. Ltd professional and make your project yourself !!!
Why LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt. Ltd Summer Training Program is the best among the rest?
• Advanced and filtered teaching methodologies to meet the demands of IT Industry.
• The Company provides structured course content equipped with latest industrial Software and labs to ensure practical expertise.
• Students get Training from Industry leaders about the current market trends.

Our Industrial training program is support by project implementation which will help students to get industrial experience and experts are well experienced with 13 years of training experience.
Two certificates are being provided to all the participants at the end of the training:
1} A course certificate for the technology opted.
2} A certificate of the project work. (After the successful completion of the project)

In case of further queries, please feel free to contact us:

Mob : +91 9351009002 / 9351788883
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Summer Internship

LinuxWorld Offers 4/6 Weeks Project Based Industrial Training/ Summer Internship to All B.E/B.Tech Students to want to good career opportunities in Latest Technology like BigData Hadoop, Cloud Computing, Docker, DevOps, Splunk, Openstack, Linux, Cisco and Many More technology…

LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt Ltd is now inviting applications for its Computer Science Internships.

Project Details: –

BIN-16-097Big Data Hadoop Deployment Over Cloud Computing Platform to auto provisioning resources that Containerized by Docker for high-performance processing on-demand, structured using Python and Mananged by DevOps Tools with Operational Intelligence Tool –Splunk

BIN-16-097 – Architect Level MultiNode Deployment of OpenStack Cloud Computing on Type 1 and 2 Hypervisor Virtualization on RedHat Linux System, Automate Using Shell Scripting / Python : Design OWN IaaS

BIN-16-099 – High Performance Distributed Computing Implements for BIG DATA using Hadoop Framework and running applications on large clusters under Containerized Docker Engine Deployed by DevOps – Super Computing with Operational Intelligence Tool – Splunk

BIN-16-100 – Automate Deployment of Cloud Computing and Virtualization with Containerized Docker Integration on Linux System Using Python and Provisioned by DevOps : Own Cloud Infrastructure with Operational Intelligence Tool – Splunk

BIN-16-102 – Control and Managing Server & Security on RedHat Linux using PHP Web Application

BIN-16-103 – Cisco Networking Design and Deployment with High-Level Redundancy Using Emulator GNS3 upon Real Devices and L2 Frame Relay Switch

BIN-16-104 – Cisco and RedHat Linux Network Infrastructure Design and Deployment with High-Level Redundancy Using Emulator GNS3 upon Cisco Real Devices and L2 Frame Relay Switch and RedHat Live Server with Auto Configuration Using Python Based TUI or CGI Programming

BIN-16-108 – Oracle Database Management Project & Interface

BIN-16-109 – Java Core Application Development

BIN-16-111 – Java Web Application Development Using JSP (Java Advance) EE Technology with JBoss As Enterprise Application Server

BIN-16-112 – Speech Control and Voice Recognition to Manage RedHat Linux Server and Security Using Shell Scripting / Python

BIN-16-113 – Setup Telephonic Network using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) with Asterisk

BIN-16-114 – Setup and Configure RedHat Linux System | Server | Security Manually and Automate using Python Based TUI or Python Web Based CGI integrated with Operational Intelligence Tool Splunk


The training has following distinctive features:

  • Project Certificate from LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt Ltd
  • Qualified & Certified Industry Professionals as Trainers
  • Training Certificate from LinuxWorld : Training & Development Centre : An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organization
  • Participation Certificate from RedHat & Cisco System
  • Life Time Support
  • 24 x 7 Lab Facility
  • Comprehensive Study Material for reference
  • Resources / Tools
  • Practical Exposure by getting hands-on experience at our well equipped labs

In case of further queries, please feel free to contact us:

Mob : +91 9351009002 / 9351788883
Email Id :

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Engineer Internship

The products and results of information technology are a part of our daily lives, whether it’s the software on our mobile phones or the technology used to diagnose diseases – virtually, every business trusts on technology and computer systems to get the work done. From firms like JPMorgan Chase and Deutsche Bank to e-commerce companies like Amazon and eBay, they all need people to support, manage, and assist in creating a competitive advantage and protect their information systems and data.

Unlike many other sectors of the economy, employment in the computer systems design and IT services were not significantly affected by the recession, due to the number of fast growing and high paying IT jobs. Between 2011 and 2016, employment in computer systems design and related services increased by 18%. This trend is expected to continue, as output in computer systems design and related services are projected to grow at an average annual rate of 6.1% through 2020.


In order to advance in the field of Information Technology, experience is a prerequisite, which is why an internship with Absolute will be the perfect opportunity to help build your CV and skills. This stimulating international experience will allow you to enter this exciting field and gain opportunities necessary to advance within this industry.

Why LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt. Ltd Summer Training Program is the best among the rest?

  • Advanced and filtered teaching methodologies to meet the demands of IT Industry.
  • The Company provides structured course content equipped with latest industrial Software and labs to ensure practical expertise.
  • Students get Training from Industry leaders about the current market trends.


Our Industrial training program is support by project implementation which will help students to get industrial experience and experts are well experienced with 13 years of training experience.

Two certificates are being provided to all the participants at the end of the training:

1} A course certificate for the technology opted.
2} A certificate of the project work. (After the successful completion of the project)

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Summer Internship for Computer Science Students in India

                                    Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come.

                       We have only today. Let us begin and give a new direction to your career.

The Internship Programme is conducted by the LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt. Ltd with the aim of promoting interest in Latest Job Oriented Technology. Candidates selected for this programme, will work on specific projects under the C.T. O of LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt. Ltd.

We have brought about a complete renovation and excitement in our learning and training methods for our students.

Dear Students!!! Come to LinuxWorld with a passion to learn and vision to transform yourself .We promise to transfigure you into a well groomed professional with a high level of competence.

In this Summer Internship students have the chance to increase their brand value and improve their resume credibility with Learning New Technology like Cloud Computing, BigData Hadoop, DevOps, Docker and Global certifications from Redhat, Cisco and many more.


Why LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt. Ltd Summer Training Program is the best among the rest?

  • Advanced and filtered teaching methodologies to meet the demands of IT Industry.
  • The Company provides structured course content equipped with latest industrial Software and labs to ensure practical expertise.
  • Students get Training from Industry leaders about the current market trends.

Our Industrial training program is support by project implementation which will help students to get industrial experience and experts are well experienced with 13 years of training experience.

Two certificates are being provided to all the participants at the end of the training:

1} A course certificate for the technology opted.
2} A certificate of the project work. (After the successful completion of the project)

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Summer Industrial Training for Information Technology Engineering Students.

Information Technology is the most evergreen branch in the field of engineering as there are ample of employment opportunities available in this field. But by simply learning the syllabus textbooks will not help you to obtain dream career, in fact you need to learn the practical aspects of the field.

In Present World Cloud Computing / BigData Hadoop is the main Job oriented Field (life line of this field) in Information Technology. Information technology (IT) is a broad field that encompasses many careers, including computer programming, technical support and systems analysis.linuxworld

LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt. Ltd Learning Project mission is to identify bright, serious and dedicated students/interns from a college and give them extraordinarily tough challenging projects that will significantly elevate their learning to newer levels.

We are also not biased towards any college. So interns can come from IIT / NIT / REC / Top Private College will evaluate their suitability and potential to perform. There are certain qualities that we look for in the interns.


Summer intern will be working under guidance of our Founder & CTO and are going to work towards creating extremely useful artifacts like tutorials, programming assignments on these topics.

After completion of training program candidate will feel confident as they will find their skills enhanced and can start their career as System Admin, Software Developer, Project Engineer, Data base Admin, Linux Admin. Cloud Admin.

Our Industrial training program is support by project implementation which will help students to get industrial experience and experts are well experienced with 13 years of training experience.

To more Information about summer internship Project please visit blow link

Two certificates are being provided to all the participants at the end of the training:

1} A course certificate for the technology opted.
2} A certificate of the project work. (After the successful completion of the project)

Accommodation Facility
There is many P.G. Accommodations nearby (1-2 Kms distance) from LinuxWorld Office. We don’t have tie-up with any P.G. accommodation, but we can suggest few P.G. accommodations nearby. You have to talk to them directly for your stay. The cost of stay ranges from 3500 INR to 5000 INR per month depending on your choice of stay and/or food.

6 Weeks Summer Internship

LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt. Ltd Provides best 6 Weeks Summer Internship opportunities for IT and CSE Branch Students.  LinuxWorld is a Pvt. Ltd, India Base Company.   After completion of this program candidate will get the certification from LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt. Ltd.

This program is Job oriented training program after completion of this program, Information Technology Engineer, can start their career as a Project Engineer, Production Engineer, Software Engineer, Networking engineering, Network Admin, Database Administers, PHP Developer, Java Developer, Cloud Admin, cyber security Experts and Many IT related field Jobs.


Opportunities for Trainees during 6 Weeks Summer Internship in Jaipur at
LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt Ltd

  • Interns contribute, learn and work on live and real projects.
  • Get access to valuable resources – human as well as technological.
  • Help network, establish rapport for future career prospects.
  • Experience complements further course of study.
  • Helps understand reality of course of study.
  • Helps evaluate and determine future course of action.
  • Get advice on career subjects from knowledgeable & experienced professionals.
  • Gain exposure to a professional work atmosphere


Course Features

  • Training under Brand name of LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt. Ltd
  • Job Oriented Training Program as per Demands of current IT Industry
  • An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institute
  • Participation Certificate from RedHat & Cisco System
  • Life Time Support
  • 24 x 7 Lab Facility
  • Comprehensive Study Material for reference
  • Resources / Tools
  • Practical Exposure by getting hands-on experience at our well equipped labs.
  • Faculty members have 13 year of Industrial experience

To More Details about 6 Months Industrial Training, please visit on –

Summer Internships 2016

LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt ltd Provides with the best Summer Internship Programs for young Professionals &Students in India. Students can fulfill their dream of landing an internship with Private Limited Company. They have an option of taking up either a 4 week or an 6 week internship across sectors like – BigData Hadoop, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Docker, Python, Splunk, OpenStack Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Operational Intelligence Tool – Splunk, Shell Scripting, RedHat Linux, Cisco Networking, Oracle Database, Java Core, JSP. LinuxWorld Offering Summer Internship, according to Students college curriculum.



Computer Science internships are the best way to bridge the gap between going to Students and landing great job. Internships can help provide hands-on research experience by learning the Technology from more skilled professionals. At the end of your internship, you’ll have relevant experience to help you decide if starting your career in the field of your internship is the right choice for you.

The summer Internship aims at anyone and everyone who wishes to get a certificate for Summer Training and add relevant skills to his or her resume.

We focus on 2 phases in Summer Internship one is the learning phase and other one is implementation phase where students will works on live projects.

Note: There is no pre-requisite for this Program and each & every aspect involved for developing the project would be supported by respective Global Trainings in depth.

To more about project visit on –

For further details contact us at:
LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt. Ltd.
Plot no 5, Krishna Tower,
GopalNagar – A, Next to Triveni Nagar Flyover,
Gopalpura Bypass, Jaipur – 302015.
Mob : + 91 9351009002, 9351788883
Website : Email Id :

The 6 hottest new jobs in IT

When CompTIA conducted an intensive examination of the IT employment market last year, it uncovered demand for jobs whose titles would have been meaningless only a year or two ago: augmented reality designer, Internet of things architect, container developers.

That’s no surprise, given that the IT job market is in constant flux, with new technologies emerging so quickly that hiring managers struggle to define those positions — let alone give them a title. IBM, for example, has a director of blockchains, and Ford Motor is among many companies looking for GPU cluster engineers.

Surely, some emerging fields will falter. Others, however, will grow to become the next big thing. When InfoWorld looked at emerging jobs in 2011, No. 2 on the list was data scientist. Now a quick search on, a large tech-focused job board, returns screen after screen of hits; it’s in the mainstream. This trend toward extracting business value from large data sets has spawned demand for new skills and spun off emerging areas of opportunities for IT pros willing to learn those skills.

At the same time, traditional IT jobs are morphing, requiring new abilities, says Tim Herbert, senior vice president and researcher at CompTIA. Network admins, for example, must learn cloud skills, and security specialists are using machine learning to defend their networks.

Among the technologies that could fuel a new IT career revolution are IBM’s Watson and similar cognitive computing initiatives. Advances in hardware are also making demands for skills that aren’t yet being met. Experian, the giant credit reporting agency, is using GPU clusters to sift through its vast data stores, but finding engineers and developers who can write the code to make it work is difficult. “Someone whose resume indicates they understand GPUs will rise to the top immediately,” says Eric Haller, executive vice president at Experian DataLabs.

Haller’s point reflects the growth of what CEO Bob Melk calls “the skills gap.” Technologies are moving faster than the expertise needed to exploit them can be disseminated to the workforce. That’s a problem for companies looking for employees to help exploit breakthroughs, but a boon for IT professionals who can fill that gap.

“The problem is digital strategies and transformation have become competitive necessities and not just growth-enablers. There simply isn’t enough talent at the right level of experience in the marketplace right now to satisfy the need. And it will get worse before it gets better,” says David Foote, principal analyst at Foote Partners, which closely studies the IT job market.

In examining the latest changes in the IT job market, we talked with analysts, staffing groups, and executives whose responsibilities include hiring. Here are some of the jobs that we and our sources think will be hot in the not-so-distant future.

IBM’s cognitive computing initiative, best known for Watson, the computer program that became a “Jeopardy” champion, has given birth to the cognitive systems engineer, a title whose responsibilities have yet to be fully defined. Even IBM isn’t exactly sure if “cognitive systems engineer” is a meaningful job title. What is clear, however, is that cognitive systems are becoming a very large part of IBM’s business plan, and an ecosystem of smaller companies is developing around Watson and related technologies, bringing with them a host of new career opportunities.

SparkCognition, for example, is using machine learning, big data analysis, modeling, and other cognitive-related technologies to better understand security threats. WayBlazer is focused on consumer travel, and Point of Care, one of a number of health care-related Watson partners, allows clinicians to access peer-reviewed content on specific diseases on a mobile platform.

The demand for cognitive computing skills is gaining enough steam that institutions of higher education are paying attention. IBM is helping hundreds of universities develop cognitive-related course materials, says Jim Spohrer, director of IBM’s university programs. The skills needed to succeed in cognitive computing go beyond the obvious knowledge key to any big-data-related specialty. “Data curation is a key part; you don’t build a cognitive system without thinking of a body of documents or websites,” he says.


A job listing with IBM Watson Health group, for example, says this about what’s needed to land it: “Candidates should be hands-on in their approach to technology. This includes unstructured data, statistical extraction of entities, machine learning, natural language processing, and search.”

You won’t find a lot of job openings with this title yet. But startups are recruiting engineers and developers who are familiar with the technologies behind bitcoin and have deep experience in cryptography, distributed systems, hash algorithms, and more.

Bitcoin’s core technology, the blockchain, is proving the most intriguing to could-be employers. More than 200 companies and open source projects are seeking to apply blockchain technology to applications such as trading platforms, secure identification cards, self-executing contracts, and many applications in financial services.

Peter Kirby, CEO of Factom, a startup working to monetize the technology developed by, an open source project, says it’s easier to get eight-figure infusions of capital from VCs than it is to find qualified blockchain engineers. “It begins with understanding how decentralized architecture works and the intersection of software architect and cryptography expert,” he says.

The technology is not that difficult to comprehend, he says, but it is new and in some ways more like advanced math than programming.

Interested? Check out this job posted on by CyberCoders, an IT recruiting company promising a salary of $150,000 to $170,000 for an engineer with experience in Python, bitcoins, and distributed systems.

GPU cluster engineer

GPU computing improves application performance by offloading compute-intensive portions of the application to the GPU, while the remainder of the code still runs on the CPU. That advantage is key to companies like Facebook, China’s Baidu, and Experian that deal with enormous data sets.

Facebook’s Big Sur runs the social networking company’s machine learning servers and is heavily reliant on GPU clusters, which can be more efficient than conventional CPUs for machine learning and other tasks. Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer says the GPU-based system is twice as fast as conventional solutions.

Experian, with its massive data stores, also uses GPU clusters, but because it is a new technology, finding engineers with GPU experience is difficult, says Experian’s Haller. “Provisioning clusters is one thing, but writing code to run on it is another. You can download software that does it, but that’s inefficient,” he says.

In something of a new technology twofer, Ford Motor is looking for GPU engineers to work on its driverless car program. The list of necessary skills and duties fills an entire computer screen, and the minimum skills needed include: “1+ years [experience with] GPU, parallel programming tools and language extensions etc.,” as well as a broad array of programming skills, among them C/C++, Perl, Python, Java, OpenGL, OpenCV, CUDA, MATLAB, and more.

You can learn about recent developments in GPU computing by visiting the GPU Computing News group on Facebook.

Virtual reality engineer

Virtual reality is no longer the sole province of game makers. That means someone with the right experience and skills can write a ticket to places as diverse as The New York Times, one of the first newspapers to begin using VR (and Google Cardboard) as a storytelling tool, or startups such as Lucid VR, a developer of 3D cameras.

Here’s a list of skills Lucid says you’ll need: Objective-C, C++, Computer Vision, C, computer graphics, mobile application development, OpenGL ES, C#, OpenGL, DirectX, WebGL, and digital image processing. There are more VR-related jobs posted on AngelList and you’ll find postings for a few VR engineers by CyberCoders, a staffing agency in Seattle.

Don’t overlook established companies working on mobile if you’re interested in VR. Samsung, for example, recently announced two new phones, but what drew more attention at the Mobile World Congress was its Gear 360, a camera for recording virtual reality videos for its Gear VR headset.

Although investment banks frequently overhype new technologies, it’s worth noting that Goldman Sachs predicts that virtual reality will generate $110 billion compared to television’s $99 billion in 10 years. Even if that estimate is too bullish, it is clear that serious money is pursuing virtual reality technology and there will be opportunities for skilled IT workers to exploit.

Internet of things architect

One billion, 2 billion, who knows how many billions of devices will be connected to the red-hot Internet of things? Even if those estimates are wildly overstated, the IoT is top of mind for many innovative companies — and not only startups.

Verizon, for instance, recently advertised for what it calls an “IoT solutions architect.” Among other skills, the applicant should have experience in “managing delivery of complex solutions involving IoT, M2M [machine to machine], cloud, security, professional services, and SaaS,” in addition to “strong technology marketing and analytical skills.”

It’s worth noting that Verizon wants its architect to have nontechnical business skills as well: “Must possess financial management skills needed for forecasting, pricing, and margin analysis. Professional presentation and [communication] skills to address all levels of the enterprise to include client senior executives.”

That requirement tracks with an important trend: Information technology departments are becoming less of a service organization and more of a line of business that can add revenue and business opportunities to the entire enterprise, says analyst David Foote.

Computer security incident responder

Cyber security specialist has long been on the hot jobs list, so what’s new about a job that Amir Husain, founder and CEO of SparkCognition, calls “security incident response professional”? “He is the guy who can deal with the effects of an attack or an exploit, and he needs a broad understanding of security information and event management (SIEM),” says Husain.

SIEM combines a number of functions into a single system and centralizes event logs and other security-related documentation for analysis. The information resides within the SIEM, but leveraging it means knowing what questions to ask, and few people have that skill, says Husain.

Foote, agrees, saying “without a doubt, a cyber security skills gap has developed on a global basis.” The increasingly sophisticated nature of cyber attacks and the ability to use new technologies such as machine learning algorithms to analyze, understand, and counter those threats has fundamentally changed the nature of the job, which now requires the ability to cull evidence from a wide range of sources, not SIEM alone.

A job that’s close to the one Husain describes was posted recently by JPMorgan Chase. Among other responsibilities, the person who lands that position will “analyze alerts from various sources within the enterprise and determine possible causes of such alerts, provide timely detection, identification, and distinguish these incidents and events from benign activities and identify false positives.”

Skills you’ll need in order to be considered include a knowledge of networking fundamentals (all OSI layers), protocols and packet analysis, encryption and tokenization technologies, and experience writing PL/SQL or SQL scripts.

Since this job is built on a foundation of conventional skills, you’ll also need information security certifications such as CISSP, SANS, CEH, or related certifications

6 things to leave off of your resume

Things to leave off of your resume

Your resume is the story of your life at work, but it shouldn’t be a blow-by-blow description of your entire history — save that for your autobiography. Making sure the most relevant details and experience aren’t drowned out by extraneous details is key to grabbing and holding a recruiter or hiring manager’s attention.

“Don’t give [hiring managers and recruiters] a reason — any reason — not to hire you. They will automatically make assumptions about you based on your name, your age, your sex, and there’s not much you can do about that. But don’t make it that much harder on yourself by including stuff they really don’t care about,” says Rick Gillis, career consultant, job search expert, and author of Promote! Here, some of’s resume experts offer additional advice on what not to include.

Your picture

Sure, employers are legally obligated to avoid discrimination in hiring — that means they can’t refuse to hire you based on your age, sex, race, gender identity, marital or disability status, among others. But unconscious bias is real, and even the most well-intentioned hiring managers can fall victim to it. Don’t include a picture with your résumé and risk triggering an unconscious bias from a hiring manager. If they want to know what you look like after reading about your killer technical skills and winning personality, they’ll check social media.

Your age

As we’ve stated before, avoid giving hiring managers and recruiters any reason to reject your resume, and that includes your age, or any factors that could point to your age. While you want to include your educational history, degrees, and any particularly relevant courses, projects, or certifications, it’s best to avoid putting graduation dates alongside these.

Age, of course, shouldn’t act as a deterrent in a job search, though in many cases ageism, especially in the startup culture that is IT, happens. Make sure you’re focusing on what your years of experience can bring to the table, and make sure you’re up-to-date on the latest and greatest technology, trends, and skills, says Gillis.

“It’s about being able to demonstrate your accomplishments. Most IT firms want to know one of two things: Can you make them money or can you save them money? Then they’ll want to hire you, regardless of your age,” Gillis says.

An ‘Objective’

There are two major problems with objective statements on a resume: The first is that they’re inane, and the second is that they take up some of the most valuable real estate while saying nothing of value. Say you’re trying to hire a skilled, talented, and seasoned software developer. If you read a candidate’s resume and it says, “Rockstar software engineer looking for a rewarding, fulfilling growth opportunity,” your first thought isn’t, “This is the one!”

Instead of a vapid objective statement, use this valuable space to articulate your brand and customize the statement to the job you’re applying for, says Michelle Jospeh, CEO of PeopleFoundry, in her blog. “By speaking only in generalities, you’re not adding any substance to the resume,” Joseph writes. She adds that many of today’s job seekers just eliminate the objective statement altogether. But if the resume feels naked without it, a sentence or two explaining why you’ll be perfect for the position you’re applying for will suffice.


This is another waste of space, and it’s best left out of any modern resume. Besides, many hiring managers and recruiters will search your profile on LinkedIn and read your social media endorsements and recommendations for themselves. “If they want references, they will request them; there is no need for you to waste space saying, ‘References available upon request,’ either,” Joseph says.

Work experience more than 10 years old

Your resume should include only the last 10 years of work history, the experts agree. Experience from more than a decade ago is no longer pertinent information for an application, as much will have changed since that time, Joseph writes. Unless a job was deliberately short-term — like an internship, a contract position, or a job in event planning, then it should be left off the page as well, she adds. And every job listed should have some relevance to the posting you’re applying for, the experts agree. “If you worked at a grocery store for three months 22 years ago, you don’t need to include that information

Obsolete technology

Finally, while you want to include your technical skills, platforms, systems, solutions, and languages, make sure you’re not including technology that’s far out of date, no longer in widespread use, or that’s straight-up obsolete — unless it’s a specific requirement for the job. If the position requires mainframe skills and you have those, by all means include that. But if not, remove skills that aren’t currently relevant.

“A great example is Windows 10. Now, that release is pretty recent, so no one’s going to be an expert quite yet. But if you’re using it now, put that on your resume and remove all previous versions — hiring managers and recruiters understand that you probably know Windows XP, 7, 8, and the like. Leaving those on there makes you look dated and out-of-touch,” says Stephen Zafarino, technical recruiting manager at recruiting, staffing