Difference Between Data Scientist and Data Analyst

Jobs related to Data Science have topped the charts in job portals. There are job openings for various job titles like Data Scientists, Data Analysts, and Data Engineers. Though all these job titles deal with data and sound similar, they do have a number of detailed differences.  Ever wondered how different they are from each other? I did! And here are the differences I found between a Data Scientist and a Data Analyst.

Data Scientist – Rock Star of IT

A Data Scientist is a professional who understands data from a business point of view. He is in charge of making predictions to help businesses take accurate decisions. Data scientists come with a solid foundation of computer applications, modeling, statistics and math. What sets them apart is their brilliance in business coupled with great communication skills, to deal with both business and IT leaders. They are efficient in picking the right problems, which will add value to the organization after resolving it.

Harvard Business Review has named ‘Data scientist’ as the “sexiest job of the 21st century. Up-skill with Data Science now to take advantage of the career opportunities that come your way.


A Data Scientist can also be divided into 4 different roles based on their skill sets.

  • Data Researcher
  • Data Developers
  • Data Creatives
  • Data Businesspeople

Data Analysts – No Cool Tag Yet!

Data Analysts also plays a major role in Data Science. They perform a variety of tasks related to collecting, organizing data and obtaining statistical information out of them.  They are also responsible to present the data in the form of charts, graphs and tables and use the same to build relational databases for organizations.

A Data Analyst can also be divided into 4 different roles based on their skill sets.

  • Data Architects
  • Database Administrators
  • Analytics Engineer
  • Operations

Qualification Required for Data Scientists and Data Analysts

Qualification and Knowledge required for both Data Scientist and Data Analyst

Jobs Trends of Data Scientist and Data Analytics – As per Google Trends

Here is the trend for Data Analysts jobs as per google :

Job Trends for Data Analyst

Here is the trend for Data Scientists jobs as per google with the trend picking up mostly from 2012:



Summer Training in Big data Hadoop

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These days, people are being more and more interested in learning, implementing and adopting Big Data Hadoop. And there is a strong reason behind it. The entire IT industry is evolving and one will not feel good to be left behind while rest of the crowd harnesses the benefits of Hadoop.

Nevertheless, simply learning Big Data Hadoop is not sufficient. An important aspect that you should not overlook is to know when exactly to use Big Data Hadoop.

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  • Data Size & Data Assortments

When you are handling large volume of data that comes from diverse sources and formats, then it can be said that you are handling Big Data. In such scenario, Hadoop can be the apt technology for you.

  • Planning for Future

If you feel Big Data Hadoop can be your future requirement, then the plan needs to be implemented in accordance with it. To execute Hadoop on the data, first have a good understanding of the difficulty of data and with what it is going to develop. So all what you require is a cluster planning. It may start with developing a small or medium cluster as per data available in your industry presently, and measure the cluster in future depending on the growth of the data.

  • Diverse Frameworks for Big Data

To get the best out of Hadoop, integrate it with various analytic tools, like Python and R for analytics and visualization, Spark for real time processing etc.

  • Lifetime Data Availability

Big Data Hadoop scalability makes a data live and running forever. The size of cluster no limit. You can increase it as per your requirement by adding Data Nodes to this at low cost.

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