Software as a Service (SaaS) Model

Software as a Service (SaaS) Model

Cloud computing can come in many forms. It could be launched as a purely platform services wherein the cloud computing vendor will be there to act as a webhost, a vendor that providers functions to be developed by the enterprise or as a framework for developing powerful RIAs (Rich Internet Application).

Each provides advantage and limitations to the enterprise which dictates the different versions of cloud computing applications and form of development. Businesses usually take considerable time and resources in choosing the right vendor. If they choose to localize cloud computing, more resources and preparation will be done to ensure correct use of cloud computing.

But the development of cloud computing will not be possible without one form of cloud computing: software as a service or SaaS. This form of cloud computing could practically define what cloud computing generally is. SaaS is basically a form of cloud computing that launches software in the cloud (internet) which will be later used as a service.

Cloud computing was formed to cater to the demands of the businesses which is practically the need of the enterprise. Although there are data storage needed in cloud computing, the ability to process the data without the need of local installation could only be provided by cloud computing. Software as a Service caters to these demands by launching application with business specific purposes online.


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