Memories 2018

Our recent memories re-collected of Summer Training Program 2017 and made us stronger to build up the participant’s career from every perspective in the upcoming Summer Internship 2018.

Technical Sessions :

“Vimal Sir was just awesome to describe in one word. In-depth coverage of all the topics mentioned. Lucid explanation of all the topics. Every effort made by Sir to keep the sessions lively, interesting and good hands-on-practice with all the technologies involved was ensured.”

–  Mr. Junak Kashyap from Tezpur University, Assam.

“Vimal Sir has excellent command on PHP language. He is quite friendly also. He helped in each and every manner regarding the project  and regarding the doubts. I think I have never experienced such type of teaching style in my entire life.”

– Ms. Ankita Sharma from ITM Bhilwara

“First of all, a big THANK YOU. For the first time in engineering, you made me feel I am going to be a engineer. I am now very confident about my career, At last I want to know how do you manage to be such a expert in such various tough courses”

– Mr. Manuranjan from Sankara Institute of Technology, Jaipur

“It was great experience for me to learn Cloud Computing, Python & Linux from Vimal Sir. Sir has very deep knowledge of all technical aspects and he delivers his knowledge to students in very unique way. And finally I think I am never gonna forget SIR’s SMILING FACE”

– Mr. Krishna Agrawal from NIT, Patna

“The Trainer is highly knowledgeable and is an expert. Never have I appreciated a trainer this much. His method of delivering knowledge about every topic in the module and even from other related topics is unmatched. The Management team is equally efficient in what they do. All the personnel were readily available for providing any kind of help at all times. The gist of all being, if I had to join any technical training, LinuxWorld  is the name that would come to my kind first”

– Mr. Sumit Sarkar from NIT Agartala

Management Sessions :
“The trainer has acquainted me with the real-world levels. The grooming session was quite interactive. I got to know about how a team works together, manipulate simple ideas to make things with the available resources. Small tips and tricks about how to build CV’s and resume. I got a better perspective about how to face PI.”

– Mr. Tapajyoti Deb from NIT Agartala

“LinuxWorld has got a wonderful HR Manager as Preeti mam. Apart from being a very efficient communicator she is a person with firm knowledge about the HR aspects in an interview. Focused upon her points she ensured that each candidate improves as required and makes the best utilization of his / her skills. This session today was an eye-opener. The conclusion drawn from the session : Do’s – Don’ts of an interview, Small but important things & Confidence is the Key to all”

– Ms. Anshika Gupta from Mody Institute of technology & Science.

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