Making India, Future Ready

Making India, Future Ready

LinuxWorld Initiated 2 years ago A STEP FORWARD – By Sending Pursuing Engineering Students (LinuxWorld Summer Internship Interns) to International Platform (specially who never get this kind of opportunity ) so that they can meet the Creator of Technologies [eg. Kapil Modi (our Intern) met Linus Torvalds (Creator of Linux) ] , they can Connect with Real Time Use Cases of Industry, Understand How NEW Technologies are Solving the Problem Statements and most important what would┬ábe FUTURE Technologies On which we should focus MORE for our Technological Growth as well.

As per our understanding, this is ONE OF THE BEST WAY since they CAN MEET THE FOUNDERS / Researchers of various companies working on latest technologies & at the same time meet CREATOR of technologies that helps us to develop their mindset to think like a CREATOR, then only India will move in the direction of Becoming CREATOR HUB in IT World that what our mission is “Making India, Future Ready”

In 2018, 2 of our Interns (details mentioned below) got this opportunity and WE HAVE SEEN A SHIFT IN THEIR APPROACH as well

1. Mr. Kapil Modi (Manipal University, Jaipur)- Open Source Summit @ Tokyo, Japan
2. Mr. Mayank Goyal (Poornima College of Engineering, Jaipur)- Open Source Summit @ Edinburgh, UK




This year there would selecting few more traveling out of the same, 2 have already been announced :

1. Ms. Purvi Prasad (Haldia Institute of Engineering, West Bengal) – KubeCon – CloudNative Con, Europe
2. Mr. Tarun Khandelwal (UPES, Dehradun) – Open Source Summit, Japan

We would recommend other organizations / institution as well to take this initiative in order to BRING TRANSFORMATION for the Society as a Whole from IT Innovations perspective

Time to Bring the Change…Nurture Our Engineers by showing them the True Meaning of Being An Engineer – Don’t you all think?

A MUST READ FOR EVERY ENGINEER : FIRST & ONE of ITS KIND – Engineering Students Going To Work on : Industry 4.0 Technologies during Summer Internship 2019 / Industrial Training Program 2019 by Mr. Vimal Daga (

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