Let your summer speak of knowledge

Let your summer speak of knowledge

We at Linux informatics Pvt. Ltd provides summer training for all the students. The program of summer training holds a prominent place in the life of any student. The education offered in this training period should be as informative as possible. The main reason for this is that, it determines your future phase in the industry. We are amongst the best institutes I Jaipur when it comes to Summer Training for B. Tech. Our team has highly experienced and hard working technocrats from all industries. They make sure that you are provided with the best of what we have.

In this training, we allow the students to learn new things and ideas. We also offer them an opportunity to revive the knowledge that they already have. The programs offered in this summer training has subjects like .net, Java, web development. There are also many Cisco certified programs and python. The other programs offered include Shell scripting and Perl scripting. The fundamental feature of this training program is to provide the students with the opportunity of working on live projects. This will give them a better exposure to the IT industry.

The associated partners like Red Hat also have a greater impact in providing training.


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