The Key Benefits of Summer Industrial Training for Engineering Students at LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt. Ltd.

The Key Benefits of Summer Industrial Training for Engineering Students at LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt. Ltd.

Industrial Training in Big Data, Hadoop, Cloud Computing, IoT and more!

The much-popular LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt Ltd’s flagship Summer Internship/Industrial Training Program is ready for a comeback this year again, starting from 1st June. As a student aspiring a stable, sustained future in the IT sector, you might want to ask what is so cool about the training, when there are so many training courses readily offered by so many institutes? The answer is here –

Latest technologies integrated into one super training bracket

Time is flying every moment and for IT industry, it is running at the speed of light. Every day, a new technology is being upgraded, updated and modified to better interact with trends and collaborate with demands in this changing market dynamics. To outperform and keep at the helm of innovation, you need to equip yourself with every bit of knowledge about all those happening technologies. LinuxWorld Informatics’ Summer Internship/Training program is holistically devised – integrating all latest technologies evenly distributed into clustered training courses.

Attendees drench themselves into new-age learning modules, based on the latest and happening technologies such as Big Data, Hadoop, Cloud Computing, DevOps, RedHat Linux, Splunk, IoT, Dockers, Python , Cassandra, Spark and much more !

If you are wondering if so many courses under one patterned umbrella is an information overload, you need to think again. LinuxWorld offers these technologies under the 4 defined Industry Ready Projects – which you can choose depending on your own learning requirements and future ambitions.  Each of these projects combines pinpointed learning, integrating the most latest technologies so you always learn a lot, without feeling overloaded!

Design and develop an end product – What about your own cloud?

The crux of LinuxWorld’s Summer Internship / Industrial Training is the possibilities you achieve as an attendee. The entire framework of training is so well-oriented that as a student, you not just learn new things, get a chance to try your hands using new technologies, understand how they work in practical sense; but also that you can develop your own end product. For example, you can develop your own cloud with the services offered in Amazon. As cool as it is! Can you believe having YOUR OWN CLOUD which you can CALL YOUR OWN PRODUCT?

The capability to develop your own end-product gives you three unique advantages – first, you apply your knowledge learnt from the training in practical sense. Second, as you develop the product, you make mistakes and it prepares you to ignore them in future so that when you will be actually building a niche product in a company, you know what not to do at the first instance. Third, you become a confident learner and improve your portfolio which can be used while applying for a new job.

Great companies pay good to niche learners. They pay better to learners with hands-on experience on building a trending product.  And did we say, in every step of your product development, you will be supervised by skilled technocrats so you never have to worry whether you are going towards the right or wrong direction.

Courses architected, devised and mentored by Mr. Vimal Daga – A leading technologist, IT consultant and corporate trainer with industry-wide fame!

Even since its inception, LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt Ltd has so far been able to offer quality training program and churned out skilled students successfully placed in many leading IT companies around the country. Thanks to its founder Mr. Vimal Daga – a Leading Technologist, Sr. IT Consultant, Motivational Speaker and Corporate Trainer. He has been known to inspire, train and provide Consulting Services to many leading companies willing to work, migrate or use high end IT Technologies, find the right approach to get best ROI.

At the same time he also acts as a Motivator for Engineering Students for shaping their technical career. His expertise is in all the latest and High-End Technologies like Splunk, PingFederate, Delphix, AppDynamics, Docker, DevOps, AWS, Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, Dollar Universe to name a few. With Mr. Vimal Daga – being their mentor, students can rightfully excel their learning journey. When you have a Skilled Mentor available to help you personally in every step of your learning curve, you can expect to have professional training achievements.

Mr. Vimal Daga’s successful clients include Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, GE, CA Technologies, Dell, TCS, Deloitte, PwC, HP, Wipro, IBM, Samsung R&D, Ericsson and many more. Please view his LinkedIn profile to learn more

 Success stories tell all – Here’s a proof why LinuxWorld’s Summer Training Program is in demand?

 There are two kinds of training programs literally exist in this world – One, which claims it is the best but proves out futile when practical yields (getting a job) is concerned. Two, which genuinely imparts value-oriented learning and gets students a launchpad (getting a job, again).

LinuxWorld’s Summer Training Program belongs to the second lot, the training has so far been able to help a good number of skilled students get placed in many top companies in India. It is natural for a company to hire a skilled, trained students on board. Linux World’s training programs – because they integrate the latest and trendy technologies and learning – easily increase the chance to get a good job. Don’t believe us? See for yourself – the genuine, video testimonials of students – what they think what they learnt and how it helped shape their future.

The training begins from 1st June, 2017.

Duration : 4 / 6 weeks

Here’s your complete training details

Happy learning!