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Success Story of one of our Summer Intern 2016 Student – Had enrolled for BIN-16-099 (BigData Hadoop)

4 Job Offers from various companies with hard core profile – And then choosing one of his choice – Is somewhat LIKE DREAM COME TRUE FOR AN ENGINEER..And so is the case with Anupran from SRM Chennai..

Hats off to your dedication – Best Luck for your near future !!

Life Changing Summers – Industry Expert Mr. Vimal Daga – Develop your OWN PRODUCT?

Wait is Over – Feel the changes & contents of Summer Internship/Industrial Training Program 2017 at LinuxWorld – New Inclusions like IoT, Spark, AWS, Salesforce along with Cloud Computing, BigData Hadoop, Python, Dockers, Splunk, DevOps, Linux and many more
Renowned Industry Expert – Mr. Vimal Daga – The Mentor for Summers

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Cloud Computing and its Advantages in Education

Cloud computing – the word “cloud” is normally used in synonymous to “Internet”. So cloud computing can also be termed as “Internet based computing”. Cloud computing is the process of using remote servers to store, manage and process data thereby not to use local servers.

Cloud computing revolutionize the field of education. This article shows you the various advantages of cloud computing in education.

Cloud computing has three major uses:

  1. Software as a service
  2. Infrastructure as a service
  3. Platform as a service

Software as a service:

In this method the user can access the software for the amount which is lower than the amount required for buying a licensed product.  The Software as a Service is also provided as monthly. So the user can access the software whenever on demand.

Infrastructure as a service:

Infrastructure as a service is used to by organization in order to outsource the equipment used to support operation, hardware, servers and various other networking components. The cloud providers are responsible for maintaining and running it.

Platform as a service:

Platform as a service is another form of cloud computing in which organization can rent hardware, operating system. Customers can also rent virtualized servers and other services which are essential for running the applications.


There are lot of advantages of using cloud computing in schools and colleges and some of them are:

  • It helps both the teachers and students to share information via cloud. That is the teachers can upload their information or study materials directly on cloud. Then the students can access the information and can gain knowledge through it.
  • Another advantage is that the students can attend classes outside the classroom. This can be attained through cloud computing. The students can log on to space and can attend their class sessions. This helps the teachers in such a way that there is no need to manage classrooms which are packed up with hundreds of students.
  • Teachers and students can access software and various tools for free through cloud computing. Confidential information can be stored in cloud which prevents less theft that may occur.
  • Cloud computing is a low cost option for various colleges and universities. It provides high computing facilities for low cost.
  • Time consuming process like admissions can be done via cloud within fraction of seconds.

Cloud Computing Summer Training 2017

Cloud Computing is a modern and most demanding technology. Cloud Computing word can be referred Software as a Service (SaaS) which is a type of set-up where the applications are distributed over a broad program of computers worldwide. The main benefit of cloud computing technology is, it can distribute computing over a network and it is very cost effective technology. It has the capacity to run a course on large number of personal computers at the same time.

Cloud Computing Quick Definitions:

  • Delivering hosted services and application over the Internet.
  • Can be described as an: “Internet-Centric Software”
  • SaaS – ‘Software as a Service’ is the most common cloud type used today.
  • Majority of internet users in one way or another have used cloud software, and that include Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc…

Some Benefits:

  • Minimize/eliminate IT infrastructure costs.
  • On-demand scalability (Scale up & down depending on the company IT needs).
  • Accessibility of the hosted software from any place where internet connectivity is available
  • Help companies focus on their core organizational goal and objectives.


Private Cloud vs Public Cloud:

Private Cloud: generally controlled, managed and hosted by an organization within a private data center or that of a third-party service provider. In private clouds service access can be limited and customers have some control/ownership of the service implementation.


  • Reduced Risk
  • Increased Operational Control
  • Improved Security & Trust
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Better IT Visibility


  • Cost
  • Scalability
  • Time to Implement
  • Staff / Learning Curve

Public Cloud: a data center made available in a metered manner to the public for purchase, resale or as a pay-as-you-go service. With public cloud, you are sharing infrastructure with others and receive a standardized, yet highly scalable, type of capacity, on demand.


  • Increased Utilization
  • Reduced Time to Market
  • Increased Agility
  • Improved Collaboration
  • Decreased costs


  • Privacy and Security
  • Reliability and Availability
  • Transition and Execution
  • Limited Scope for Customization

The Cloud Computing Stratosphere

There is ever-growing number of companies providing “Cloud-based” services for businesses. These range from communications and social applications to deployment platforms that form backbone of a company’s infrastructure. As new offerings emerge, customers, marketers and the industry at large may each have a different view of the strata. Here is one take on where the major players fit into the shifting cloud atmosphere.




Internship – get the real experience

Internship is the best way to get hands-on experience and to learn as much as you can in your desired sector. It is just not possible to experience the professional world without internship and it is the opportunity which should be grabbed by the students to learn and explore about their profession. Internship is really important as while taking up an internship, students can have a real experience and can easily understand the concept of working in a professional environment.

Students need to get aware of different technologies so that they can have a clear idea of various fields and can take the right decision for their career. Students can learn so many things through internship and they can maintain good contacts with the professionals which can help them from future prospect.

We at LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt. Ltd offer great opportunities for internship through which students can learn from experts and can develop as well as enhance their skills. Our team is dedicated to provide best facilities to the students who are looking for Summer  Internship in India.

An internship can be explained as a work experience which provides youth, a vision about their career. This is a great opportunity to work under the industry experts and to acquire all the relevant knowledge as well as skills. Internship also offers a tremendous opportunity of employment as if a person performs well during the internship.

Internship is very important for the students who are devoted to grow in their career. Internship plays an important role in adding work experience as well as for developing skills, as after doing an internship, students will definitely get advantages in various interviews of well reputed companies.


Summer Internships For College Students – Step By Step Guide

Choosing summer internships is a big decision for college students. It is important that they choose one where they will learn as much as possible but, after all, it is their summer vacation and they should have a bit of fun as well. There are a few steps that every student should follow in order to land the internship that will truly fit their educational and personal needs.
There are a few questions that every student should ask themselves before they even start looking for their dream internship. For example, do they want an internship that is full time or part time? Does the internship need to be paid or can they afford an unpaid internship? Do they want to travel or find a position close to home? The answers to all of these questions will have a significant impact on the kind of internship that a student will apply for.
Once a student has an idea of what kind of internship they want, they need to find the specific internship they will apply for. A great way to start looking for an internship is meeting with a career counselor at the college or university the student attends. They will have extensive information on a variety of opportunities that the student may never have known about if they simply did an online search for internships.
Students need to remember that just because they need an internship for school does not mean that a company is required to take them on, and they will have to go through an interview process. It is important to be as prepared as possible for the interview. The student should research some background on the company, prepare questions they may want to ask the interviewer and prepare answers to some basic interview questions.
Once a student lands their internship, their work is just beginning. They need to make the most out of their experience, taking everything in and learning as much as they can from the experience. They should also make an effort to go the extra mile in all of their tasks because they never know if they will return to the company for a job interview someday.
If students follow these simple steps, they should have no trouble finding summer internships that they will love. They need to be very clear about the kind of internship they are looking for and seek the advice of a career counselor. Once they get the internship, they need to truly shine and show the company that they would make an excellent employee in the future.
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How College Students Can Choose The Right Internship

How College Students Can Choose the Right Internship – 4 Things to Consider

One of the best ways to improve your chances of finding employment after graduation is to participate in an internship during your school years. You can gain hands-on experience in your chosen field, significantly increase your networking contacts, and learn how corporate cultures, environments, and structures work. However, it’s also important that you put in the effort to find the right internship for you.













1. Your Objective
Before choosing an internship you must determine for yourself what you expect to gain from it. Are you looking for general industry knowledge or are you focusing on a specific skill set? As you determine your objectives, don’t be clouded by the allure of working at a major company when experience at a small business might be best for your career. Remember, when it comes to a job interview, your prospective employer is going to be more concerned with what you learned during your internship rather than where you worked. As you begin to investigate different internships, find out what you can expect to gain and make sure that lines up nicely with your own objectives.

2. Paid or Unpaid?
Obviously, a paid internship is in your best interest from a financial standpoint. However, money isn’t everything and it’s not a good idea to eliminate unpaid positions before you do your research. First of all, there may not be any paid internships available in your field of study. This happens frequently in government and public sector positions. Additionally, prospective employers may look only at how you performed during your internship and they won’t care if you received a stipend or not.

With that said, it’s always nice to be paid, and in a recent study done by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, close to two-thirds of college graduates who worked at a paid internship eventually received a job offer, compared to slightly more than one-third of those working at unpaid internships. If you do opt for an unpaid internship, find out about office perks. Free lunch on Fridays? What about a transit card? It never hurts to ask.

3. Is There Structure Put in Place?
Once you’ve narrowed down your search to your top company choices, make sure you find out what type of structure is in place for interns. This includes, among other things, a list of learning objectives, expectations, responsibilities, and the evaluation process. You could ask the hiring manager or even reach out to other interns who have had experiences there before. While a smaller company with no intern structure doesn’t necessarily provide a bad experience, you want to avoid getting stuck in a dead-end internship where you spend your days running errands. If the company has an official intern program in place, that’s a good sign.

4. Big or Small Organization?
Deciding whether to intern at a large company or a smaller company isn’t easy – there are pros and cons to both. A big company comes with name brand recognition and may offer you an opportunity to work with more experienced mentors. The work environment at larger companies, however, can be much more competitive, and you may struggle to interact with the higher-level executives within the organization. Choose a small company and you can typically get a feel for how the organization operates overall, and gain more hands-on learning experience as well. You won’t benefit, however, from any name brand recognition, and if the company isn’t experienced with interns, you may not find much structure.

Final Thoughts
Take as long as you like to find the right internship, but remember that it’s how you perform in the job that counts. Dress professionally, show up on time, and willingly accept any assignment given to you. Consider meeting with your supervisor to set some goals for your experience, and always do  your best work. Once your internship is complete, thank your mentors and be sure to remain in touch going forward.

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LinuxWorld Informatics Summer Internship Program for B.Tech and BE Students Will Allow Them to Get Top Placements with Their Dream Companies

07th December 2016-here’s great news for all B.Tech and BE students.  LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt Ltd is announcing its latest Summer Internship and Industrial Training Program during which the company will help students learn core technologies like DevOps, Cloud Computing, Docker, Big Data Hadoop, Cisco, Redhat, Splunk, Python and a lot more. The training sessions will be offered for a minimum of 4 weeks and can go on for 6 weeks, 2 months to 6 months as per the need of the session and performance of the students.

The summer internship and training offered at LinuxWorld is a comprehensive program that is focused on enriching engineering students with the practical knowledge of technology industry and offering them conceptual knowledge that is required to secure a good position with reputable firms belonging to various streams of engineering. Along with helping them to learn about technologies they opt for, the company also enables students to develop their own technologies with the guidance of professional training staff present at LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt Ltd.

The company has educated and trained more than 500 students in last Summer Internship / Industrial Training Program 2016 out of which about 90% were able to secure top positions with their dream companies because of the projects they had developed and technologies they had learnt during their internship program with LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt Ltd.

About the company

LinuxWorld was established in 2005 by a group of young and energetic technocrats dedicated to Linux promotion and open source technologies. Since its inception, the company has been a center of excellence contributing largely to the latest technology, innovative development, infrastructure and education for engineering graduates. The company is dedicated to lending high end technical support and services to organizations and MNCs located across India.

LinuxWorld is a leading partner of Red Hat, the most trusted and credible Linux and open source technology providers along the world.

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