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A MUST READ FOR EVERY ENGINEER : FIRST & ONE of ITS KIND – Engineering Students Going To Work on : Industry 4.0 Technologies during Summer Internship / Industrial Training Program 2019 by Mr. Vimal Daga ( Machine Learning / Deep Learning (AI) + IoT = A Smarter World (Industry 4.0) Artificial Intelligence | Machine…
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Making India, Future Ready

LinuxWorld Initiated 2 years ago A STEP FORWARD – By Sending Pursuing Engineering Students (LinuxWorld Summer Internship Interns) to International Platform (specially who never get this kind of opportunity ) so that they can meet the Creator of Technologies [eg. Kapil Modi (our Intern) met Linus Torvalds (Creator of Linux) ] , they can Connect…
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A glimpse over Career opportunities in machine learning

As the name itself explains, machine learning is actually a study of various statistical models and algorithms which provides computer systems an ability to automatically learn and improve their performance without being explicitly programmed. It is that branch of a science whose algorithms can help software programs to become more productive, accurate and efficient. Many…
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Summer Internship Program Research Lab

SSShhhhh…Taking You Inside the Technical Lab Environment of “The One & Only Research Based Summer Internship Program for B.Tech Engineering Students” mentored by Internationally Renowned Mentor and Industry Expert – RedHat Certified Architect level 15 – Mr. Vimal Daga ( in the year 2018. 🏆🏆 RedHat Awarded LinuxWorld as “The Best B.Tech Internship Organisation in entire…
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Summer Training in Jaipur

Why Learn Big Data?

Big data analytics jobs are high in demand. According to many standalone studies, big data professionals will be extremely sought-after and millions of jobs will center around their core expertise in the near future. And, why wait for the future to predict the course of big data? These talented individuals are already getting high-paying jobs…
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