Hadoop – Big Data Solutions

In this approach, an enterprise will have a computer to store and process big data. Here data will be stored in an RDBMS like Oracle Database, MS SQL Server or DB2 and sophisticated softwares can be written to interact with the database, process the required data and present it to the users for analysis purpose.…
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Hadoop – Big Data Overview

Due to the advent of new technologies, devices, and communication means like social networking sites, the amount of data produced by mankind is growing rapidly every year. The amount of data produced by us from the beginning of time till 2003 was 5 billion gigabytes. If you pile up the data in the form of…
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Summer Training for B.Tech Students

Linux informatics Pvt. Ltd provides summer training for all the students. The summer training program is important in student’s life. Therefore, the training offered in this training period should be as informative as possible. If the knowledge provided is good enough, it can help to tame the phase of the industry. We are amongst the…
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