BigData Hadoop Summer Internship 2019

BigData Hadoop Summer Internship 2019

Hadoop is a well-known technology utilized for Big Data. It is utilized by branded companies like eBay, Yahoo, Facebook and LinkedIn. Hadoop has been encouraged from Google publishing’s on Big Table, Map Reduce and Google FS. It is an open resource collection, under an apache basis. Apache Hadoop is an open resource software scheme that permits the dispersed procedure of large information groups across groups of service servers. Hadoop is intended to level up from a solo server to thousands of equipment, with an incredibly high degree of error tolerance. Instead, relying on advanced hardware, the flexibility of these groups comes from the software’s capability to notice and manage errors at the program level. Once we’ve talked regarding the awfully basic plan of using the Hadoop clients, Hadoop teaching, expert may register onto the Hadoop server, import Meta knowledge, produce a Project and create a Hadoop job. People may then collect and execute the function and emergence at the logs.

Our training comprises:

  1. What is Hadoop?
  2. Hadoop Introduction
  3. Different Components of Hadoop
  4. Why Hadoop and its use cases (Demo part)

Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop

  • HBASE Ideas
  • Hue Ideas
  • Flume Ideas
  • Oozie workflow concepts
  • Hive ideas
  • Pig ideas
  • Developing the map-reduce Applications
  • Hadoop Map-reduce ideas and characteristics
  • Hadoop ecosystem – Ideas

What Is Big Data?

First described by Doug Laney, an industry investigator, in 2001, it includes of three parts: Velocity, Volume and Variety.

Velocity: In today’s world, data is streaming quicker than before. It is because of the speed; it has turned into essential to deal with a surge of information in approximately real time.

Volume: It is a total of data, both unstructured and structured, that is so huge that it is difficult to procedure with conservative database and software methods.

Variety: Information arrives in all sorts of designs from financial transactions and unstructured text documents to the structured number data found in usual databases.

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