Big Shout for BTech Engineering Students for Summer 2019

Big Shout for BTech Engineering Students for Summer 2019

Are you ready to gain real work experience, Work on Research Based project on latest technologies under the Mentorship of Renowned Internationally Recognised Industry Expert, RedHat Certified Architect Level 15, RHCI & Consultant Mr. VIMAL DAGA (

LinuxWorld Opens Some of its High-End Internal Projects to get Exposure on Various high end IT market trending technologies and Develop a Research Based Project with RealTime Industry Based UseCases…

Research Based Project (BIN-19-099) – Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning Implementation of High Performance Distributed Computing for BIG DATA – Batch Processing Using Hadoop Framework & Real Time Processing Using Sparkand Running Applications on Large Clusters under containerized Docker Engine deployed by DevOps – Ansible – Super Computing Operational Intelligence Tool Splunk – Future

Research Based Project (BIN-19-100) – Intelligence Implementation of Automate Deployment of Hybrid Cloud Computing and Virtualization with containerized Docker & Kubernetes Integration on RedHat Linux System Using Python CGI and provisioned by Ansible – DevOps Tools with Operational Intelligence tool Splunk

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