A look over Machine learning and jobs associated with it

A look over Machine learning and jobs associated with it

What if the system is able to learn and improve their performance on their own without being explicitly programmed? Well, this is exactly what machine learning is all about. It is actually a set of algorithms and statistical models which allow the machines to progressively improve their performance for any given specific task. Isn’t it an exciting field? And besides being exciting it is very demanding field too. And with the increasing demands of AI professionals, this field promises super exciting jobs too which not only promise handsome salaries but also assures enormous career growth.

Here we are listing few areas where concepts of machine learning are being implemented. Take a look:

  • ML is the concept behind working of virtual personal assistants

From asking the Siri to set an alarm for 6 am next alarm to asking Alexa to play your favorite music; all this is happening because of machine learning programs only.

  • Yes, they even work for our GPS navigation systems

It is because of machine learning that Google maps tells you the direction to reach your destination and updates you about all traffic predictions.

  • Even video surveillance have started using it

Whether it is about controlling multiple surveillance cameras at a time or it is about detecting the crime before it actually happens; with Machine Learning even this is possible.

  • Social media services are also using this technology

For all the recommendations which you get on your online social media platforms and the feature of face recognition that you get on these sites is also because of Machine Learning programs.

  • ML can assist online customer services too

Chatbot which are always available to talk like a customer support executive is yet another example of ML. And with advanced ML versions they can understand the queries and serve to customers in better way.

With it’s such a high inclusion in our day to day lives, Machine Learning surely has many career options too to provide. Some of its most exciting career options are:

  • ML software developer

A Machine Learning software developer works on laying out the underlying infrastructure of ML based software.

  • ML engineer

From designing and developing ML based algorithms to writing ML based codes for various purposes; ML engineer can do it all.

  • Data Scientist

With strong knowledge of statistics, coding and algorithms of Machine Learning you can also chose to be a data scientist.

  • Computational Linguist

When you see machines talking to you it is because of hard work of computational linguists. This is yet another very interesting career to choose in ML.

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